Top 4 Reasons Not to Follow Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go.  Some trends are beautiful and worth the investment.  Some trends are so ridiculously disposable they should be ignored.  It doesn’t matter if what you are wearing is “in” or “out”.  It’s more important to wear what you like and what suits you.  Here are 4 excellent reasons not to follow fashion trends.

Trends can be unflattering

Avoid unflattering trends like harem pants
The harem pants revival is a great example of an unflattering trend to avoid.  I was shocked to see this come back in style.  I thought this trend was dead and buried when M.C. Hammer went bankrupt in the 90’s.  There is nothing beautiful about these pants.  It  looks like you’re wearing a saggy diaper under your pants.   

Every decade has its defining trend – shoulder pads in the 80’s, grunge in the 90’s, and low rise jeans in the early 2000’s (I’m guilty of this one).  It’s easy to fall victim to these trends when you see your favorite A –list celebrities rocking the look in magazines and social media.    Just because a trend works on others doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Trends can stereotype you

Remember Ed Hardy?  What started out as cool tattoo t-shirts quickly devolved into a trend associated with the Jersey Shore cast.  It’s an unfortunate stereo type based on some bad marketing decisions by the CEO who was desperate for any kind of celebrity endorsement. The Ed Hardy brand is now synonymous with douche bags sporting fake orange tans getting drunk at clubs.  Not everyone who wears Ed Hardy is a douche bag, but some people will jump to that conclusion.

Some trends can send the wrong message

Ariel Winter got a ton of flack when she posted this picture of herself in this under boob dress on Instagram.  I didn’t know this was a trend until she brought it to the forefront of social media.  She defended her freedom to embrace her body and wear whatever she darn well pleased.  That’s her right, but this trend screams “look at my boobs!”  It distracts us from seeing the person wearing the dress.  Where did your eyes go when you saw this picture – her boobs or her face?

Some trends  are weird

In 2014, Moschino launched a collection that looked like a hybrid of McDonald’s and Channel.  The look is unique, but is it beautiful?   Fashion is a competitive business, and brands are always looking for a differentiating edge, but this edge was not relatable. I don’t know anyone who wants to look like an affluent fast food worker.  Moschino made a play on pop culture in an attempt to be bold and innovative, but it doesn’t translate into stylish clothes.

Trends distracts, style connects

Fashion is fleeting.  Trends are designed to become obsolete.  These “must have” and “buy now” fashion trends create a false sense of urgency that encourages endless consumption.   Fashion is a uniform that needs to be changed so frequently it’s difficult to keep up.  When you blindly follow fashion trends, you let others dictate how you should look and feel.  Trends can distract people from seeing the real you.

Rather than focusing on trends, we should develop our own style.  Style is an outward, creative expression of who you are on the inside.  It’s a personal reflection of your values, lifestyle and aesthetic.  Your unique style requires a deep understanding and acceptance of yourself and your body.   Style is how you connect and communicate with people through your choice of clothes.

Here’s my rule of thumb about trying new trends – if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right for you.  If you know yourself well, you will select clothes that accentuates the positive, minimizes the negative and makes you feel good regardless if it’s on trend or not.

Are you wearing your clothes, or are your clothes wearing you?  What do your clothes say about you?

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    • melissa1lin at 9:08 pm

      Great point about investing in the classics. They can be the foundation of a great wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a white button down shirt, a black turtle neck or simple jeans.

  1. MPaula at 3:04 pm

    Those harem pants made me think of an elephant!
    The same is true for trendy colours. Not all colours suit all people. That’s why making or remaking your own is so useful.

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