Upcycle a Skirt and Scarf into a Boho Swing Tank Top

Remake a scarf and denim skirt into a boho swing tank top. This step by step tutorial will show you how to sew this project in less than 2 hours.

Learn how to make cozy leggings from an old sweater in this step by step tutorial.

How to Make Cozy Leggings from an Old Sweater

Learn how to recycle an old sweater into warm leggings in an afternoon.

How to make a dress from sweaters

Make a Winter Sweater Dress out of 2 Sweaters

Turn 2 sweaters into a dress you’ll love to wear. This sweater dress will keep you warm and comfy all winter.

Top 4 Reasons Not to Follow Fashion Trends

Don’t fall into the trend trap. Here are 4 reasons why you should develop your own personal sense of style instead of playing fashion victim.

How to Refashion a Prom Dress to Bomber Jacket

Make an Anthropologie inspired bomber jacket from a fugly prom dress. This tutorial also features a Japanese crest as an applique embellishment.

From Maxi Dress to Jogger Pants and Crop Top Remake

This step by step tutorial shows you how to refashion a thrifted maxi dress into a hip pair of jogger pants and matching crop top.

How to Remake a Muumuu into a Peplum Top

The beautiful embroidery and $5 price tag enticed me to refashion this enormous denim muumuu into a peplum top.

How to Upcycle a Shirt with Statement Sleeves

How to upcycle a shirt with statement sleeves in less than 1 hour. Great project for beginning sewers.

How to Recycle a Vintage Sheet into a Spring Dress

I used Christine Hayne’s Emery pattern to upcycle a sheet into a vintage inspired dress.

How to Upcycle a 90’s Velour Shirt into a Split Sleeve Blouse

The 90’s are back. Recycle an oversized velour shirt into a new blouse with split sleeves.

Sal Berressi

Fabric Porn: Sal Beressi Field Trip

I took an unexpected field trip to Sal Beressi in San Francisco and fell in love with their beautiful fabrics.

Embroidered Coat

Best Thrift Store Score Ever – Vintage Embroidered Coat

Can you believe I bought this silk chinoiserie jacket for only $7.50? It’s my most amazing thrift store score ever.

Date Night Jumpsuit

Date Night Jumpsuit Refashion

A step by step tutorial on upcycling a $10 thrifted outfit into a smashing jumpsuit for date night.

Skirt to Capelet

How to Refashion a $5 Plaid Skirt into a Cute Capelet

This easy skirt to capelet refashion can be made in less than 2 hours.

How to be a Kick Ass Blogger

How to be a Kick Ass Blogger by Stalking Neil Patel’s Blogs

Be a better blogger by following Neil Patel’s blogs. You will learn content marketing tips on how to drive traffic to your blog, rank on Google and engage your users.

How to upcycle and enormous suit into a sleeveless coat.

How to Upcycle an Enormous Suit into a Sleeveless Coat in 2 Hours

Add a touch of menswear to any outfit by refashioning an enormous suit into a sleeveless coat.

How Sewing Made Me A Better Person

How Sewing Made Me a Better Person

The 7 ways sewing made me a better person. It includes learning from failure, learning new skills, being flexible and being persistent.

Sweat-shirt Jean Jacket

Refashion a Jean Jacket with Sweatshirt Sleeves and Hoodie

Jazz up a plain jean jacket with sweatshirt sleeves and a hoodie.

Bell Sleeve Mumu

Make a Shirt with Bell Sleeves from a Fugly Muumuu

Refashion a huge muumuu into a blouse with bell sleeves using the Laurel Pattern from Colette Patterns.

Distracted Reader

How to Make your Content Easy to Skim for Distracted Readers

Engage your readers with attention grabbing headlines and easy to read content.