Make a Winter Sweater Dress out of 2 Sweaters

Turn 2 sweaters into a dress

I’ve been stuck in a major fashion rut this winter.  My daily outfit consists of a bulky sweater paired with skinny jeans and boots.  It’s warm and comfortable but getting b-o-r-i-n-g. I don’t have any winter dresses in my wardrobe, so I made this upcycled sweater dress to fill that void.  In this tutorial,  I’ll show you how to take 2 thrift store sweaters and combine them into a winter sweater dress.  You can finish this project in an afternoon and wear it the same day.

Make a sweater dress from 2 thrift store sweaters

I scored these 2 extra large sweaters for $4 each at the thrift store.  I usually detest turtlenecks but made an exception as this one was wide enough to keep me warm without choking me.   I thought it would be fun to mix these 2 sweaters into a color block dress.

Here’s a quick overview of this sweaters to dress refashion:

  • Step 1:  Cut out the bodice from the black sweater
  • Step 2:  Cut out the sleeves and neck of the gray sweater
  • Step 3:  Cut out the skirt from the gray sweater
  • Step 4:  Resize and attach the sleeves
  • Step 5:  Sew skirt to the bodice
  • Step 6:  Sew the sides of the dress

Step 1:  Cut out the bodice from the black sweater

Resize the black sweater for the sweater dress

Use an existing sweater as a pattern to cut out the bodice.  Chop off the neck as you’ll be replacing it with the gray turtleneck.

Step 2:  Cut out the sleeves and neck of the turtleneck

Cut out the neck and sleeves of the sweater

Most sweater collars are fashioned, meaning the collar is made separately and then stitched to the sweater.  Pick apart the stitching to keep the turtleneck intact.

Step 3:  Cut out the skirt from the gray sweater

Cut out skirt of the sweater dress

Cut out the skirt using an existing skirt as a template.  This sweater had pockets in the front that won’t be functional on the dress (pockets around the knees are weird), so I sewed them closed.

Step 4:  Resize and attach the sleeves

Resize sweater sleeve

Trim the side and top of the sleeves.

Sew sleeves flat on sweater dress

Attach the sleeves using the flat technique.

Step 5:  Sew skirt to the bodice at the waist

With right sides together, attach the skirt to the bodice.


Step 6:  Sew the sides of the dress.

Sew the sides of the sweater dress

Sew the sides of the dress, starting from the bottom of the sleeve and ending at the bottom of the dress.

Finished Sweater dress made from 2 sweaters

What do you think?  This dress is just as warm as my sweater/jeans/boots uniform but cuter.

How to make a dress from sweaters

Here’s a close up of the top.  This dress is super comfy as it stretches with your every move.

I whipped this up on my serger but it’s just as easy on a regular sewing machine with a little bit of prep.  This tutorial from Colette can help you avoid many pitfalls of sewing with sweater knits.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.  I love hearing from you guys.

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