About Me

Melissa Lin

Hello, and welcome to my little blog.  My name is Melissa Lin, and  I'm one of those internet tech-worker drones in the bay area who started this blog as a creative outlet.  I love fabric, working with my hands and making things where I can point to it and say "Hey, I made that!"

During the day, I work in Product Marketing, which is a mish-mash of Site Merchandising, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Branding, Analytics and Social Media.  My ulterior motive with this blog is to fine tune these skills.  I'm eating my own dog food, so to speak, and seeing if it's worthy of a Michelin star.  I can speak geek with engineers and then translate it for the marketing folks.  I'm equally balanced when it comes to left and right brain thinking.   My boss once described me as "weird" because I don't fit nicely into one box.  If you're curious about my professional background, check me out at LinkedIn under Melissa Lin.

If you're wondering who Trevor is, he's my adorable son who is growing up way to fast for me.

Feel free to contact me about anything.  If any of my refashions inspires you to create your own version, please share it with me.  I'd love to see it!