Upcycle a bed sheet into a spring wrap dress with New Look 6600.

Pattern Review – New Look 6600 Wrap Dress

Refashion a bed sheet in to a spring wrap dress with New Look 6600. This classic dress features pleated sleeves and a wrap around waist tie.

Upcycle a skirt into a vintage top with Simplicity 8592

Pattern Review – Simplicity 8593 Vintage Poncho Blouse

Refashion a thrift store skirt into a vintage poncho blouse with Simplicity 8593. This top fastens at the front and back waistline with tie ends.

Refashion a dress into a trendy choker collar cut-out top with Simplicity 8425

Pattern Review – Simplicity 8425 Choker Cut Out Top

Remake an old dress into a trendy cut out choker top with Simplicity 8425. This easy to sew pattern includes guidelines for petite sizing.

Refashion a scarf and shirt into a tunic with Simplicity 1461

Pattern Review – Simplicity 1461 Tunic

Learn how to refashion a scarf and shirt into a stylish tunic with Simplicity 1461. Make sure to measure twice and cut once if you hack the pattern.

How to Make a Flouncy T-Shirt from a Maxi Skirt

Transform an old maxi skirt into a flouncy t-shirt with this quick and easy sewing tutorial. A fluttery, flounce collar adds a feminine flair to a soft t-shirt.

Pattern Review – Scout Tee by Grainline Studio

Make a simple, woven t-shirt from a thrift store dress with Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee pattern. This t-shirt has cap sleeves, a scoop neck, and A-line silhouette.

Halloween Waitress Costume from Sheets

I Accidentally Made a Halloween Waitress Costume

My attempt at making a classic shirt dress from a bed sheet became a Halloween 50’s waitress costume instead. This is a “make lemonade out of lemons” project.

Curtains to Wide Leg Pants Refashion

Upcycle old curtains into a pair of wide leg trousers with Colette’s Juniper pattern. These trousers are fitted through the hips and falls into a wide hem.

Bargain by the pound at Goodwill Outlet

Bargains by the Pound at Goodwill Outlet

If you don’t mind digging though enormous bins in a cold warehouse, you can find dirt cheap bargains at Goodwill Outlet for only $1.79 a pound.

Side view of one shoulder ruffle tank top

Make a One Shoulder Ruffle Top from a Floral Skirt

This skirt to ruffle top refashion is dedicated to my mother who taught me to love beautiful things, especially flowers. Mom gave this project a big thumbs up.

Finished refashioned swing tank top

Upcycle a Skirt and Scarf into a Boho Swing Tank Top

Remake a scarf and denim skirt into a boho swing tank top. This step by step tutorial will show you how to sew this project in less than 2 hours.

Learn how to make cozy leggings from an old sweater in this step by step tutorial.

How to Make Cozy Leggings from an Old Sweater

Learn how to recycle an old sweater into warm leggings in an afternoon.

How to make a dress from sweaters

Make a Winter Sweater Dress out of 2 Sweaters

Turn 2 sweaters into a dress you’ll love to wear. This surprisingly simple sweater dress will keep you warm and comfy all winter.

Avoid unflattering trends like harem pants

Top 4 Reasons Not to Follow Fashion Trends

Don’t fall into the trend trap. Here are 4 reasons why you should develop your own personal sense of style instead of playing fashion victim.

How to Refashion a Prom Dress to Bomber Jacket

Make an Anthropologie inspired bomber jacket from a fugly prom dress. This tutorial also features a Japanese crest as an applique embellishment.

This tutorial shows you how to remake a maxi dress into jogger pants and crop top. Upcycle the skirt into jogger pants and hem the top.

From Maxi Dress to Jogger Pants and Crop Top Remake

This step by step tutorial shows you how to refashion a thrifted maxi dress into a hip pair of jogger pants and matching crop top.

Refashion a muumuu dress into a peplum top. Chop dress at midriff. Reshape armholes, sides and sleeves. Add gathered peplum.

How to Remake a Muumuu into a Peplum Top

The beautiful embroidery and $5 price tag enticed me to refashion this enormous denim muumuu into a peplum top.

Statement Sleeves

How to Upcycle a Shirt with Statement Sleeves

How to upcycle a shirt with statement sleeves in less than 1 hour. Great project for beginning sewers.

How to Recycle a Vintage Sheet into a Spring Dress

I used Christine Hayne’s Emery pattern to upcycle a sheet into a vintage inspired dress.

90's Velour Blouse

How to Upcycle a 90’s Velour Shirt into a Split Sleeve Blouse

The 90’s are back. Recycle an oversized velour shirt into a new blouse with split sleeves.