No Sew Refashion Tutorial: Add a Lace-Up Tie to a V-Neck Sweater

No Sew V-Neck Lace Up Refashion - Before and After

I found the almost perfect v-neck sweater at the thrift store.  I liked the color and fit, but I didn’t like the plunging neckline.  To fill the void across the chest, I added a lace up tie.  The great thing about this refashion is that there’s no sewing.  All you need is a grommet kit, a matching t-shirt to make the lace and 30 minutes.

Add a lace Up Tie to a V-neck sweater - Step by step Overview


  • Mark holes for grommets
  • Apply grommets with grommet kit
  • Make lace with matching t-shirt
  • Lace v-neck


V-neck Lace Up Refashion - mark and cut holes

Step 1:  Mark the placement of your grommets.  Cut a small hole at each mark.

V-neck Lace Up Refashion - Grommet 1V-neck Lace Up Refashion - apply grommet to the backV-neck Lace Up Refashion - set grommet

Step 2:  Apply the grommet.  There are 2 parts to the grommet.  One part has a longer shaft.  Slip this through the hole from the front of the sweater.  Place the other grommet with the shallower shaft over it from the back.  Set it in place by pounding the grommet with a hammer and setting tool.  I do this on top of a wood block to protect my table top.    I highly recommend checking out this grommet video from Make it Mine for a demonstration.

V-neck Lace Up Refashion - Cut Lace from T-shirtV-neck Lace Up Refashion - Stretch to make the lace

Step 3:  Make the lace from a matching t-shirt.  My husband kindly donated a t-shirt he didn’t need anymore.  Cut a 1″ strip of fabric from the t-shirt and stretch it.  It will curl into a nice lace.

V-neck Lace Up Refashion - seam in lace

There’s a seam in the lace that I hid behind the grommet.

V-neck Lace Up Refashion - lace

Step 4:  Lace the v-neck like you would a sneaker.  Tie knots at the end of the lace.

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